The company Osliper Betonwerk was founded in 1958 by Matthias Kummer.

The "initial capital" consisted of own labor, a plot of 4000m² and some used machines. In the first years of production took place under the open sky, the building materials trade was in its infancy. With daring, optimism and inventiveness, the company grew rapidly.

The sand quarry was opened in 1965, in which the famous St. Margarethen sandstone has been mined ever since and forms the basis for the product diversity of the Osliper concrete plant. The Osliper Betonwerk Plant grew steadily and was always a pioneer in quality and innovative products (such as the Maku Rebpfahl and special sandstone products for village renewal).

Today, we are a modern company which is already in the third generation. From the initial 4000m² has now become a company with 40.000m² and 10 halls. 


The Osliper Betonwerk offers high quality sevices for all areas of construction and renovation eith an excellent price - performance ratio.